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We are very particular in the agents we use and expect them to satisfy some simple criteria. We expect them to ensure suitable tenants are located and installed in our properties. We expect them to provide realistic advice regarding rent and how best to present the properties. It is important that all rents are collected and accounted for not only for us but also for tax purposes. We expect the property to be inspected twice yearly and that we are informed as to its condition. We must be informed regarding any problems that occur with the property and they must be attended to immediately. With good tenants we want them to feel comfortable and well looked after. Rather than go for the maximum return we are happy to keep rents reasonable if it means we can keep good and reliable long term tenants. We like an agent to stay in touch. We have been with Pelham Marsh now for several years and are very happy with his performance and have no intention in even considering looking elsewhere. He has ticked all the boxes.

- Maxwell

Thank you so much Pelham! You have achieved two extraordinary sales results for me - including breaking the suburb record for an entry level home in Holland Park, with multiple offers, and on the day of the first open home! Doesn't get much better than that!

- Simienna